Book unique salmon fishing in Sweden. You fly easily from Amsterdam to Stockholm and from Stockholm every day there are several flights to Skelleftea. We pick you up from the airport. In the coming days we will fish various 'pools'. In June and July the salmon are before Fall Fors, 30km from the mouth of the Byske. The salmon are still beautiful silver. We have to drive a little further to the beautiful sites. In July and August we go 60 km upstream. This is close to our Lodge. The salmons are already slightly discolored, but are very aggressive in connection with the upcoming spawning. We provide these three days entirely for you. You only need to Spey cast. We eat along the river and fish 'until you drop', even at night. The last day we bring you to the airport.

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Late in the season the males are aggressive. They are transformed into beautiful hook pelvis. Males are about 70- to 80 cm. This male was caught 60km upstream in fast-flowing shallow water.

We have an exclusive catch and release policy.
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Early in the season there are beautiful silver salmon in the river. At the mouth of the river in the town Byske these specimens are caught. Sea lice is sometimes on the salmon. In the beginning of the season in May we have a lot of water to the river, and it is therefore difficult to fish. Spey casting is necessary in the Byske.
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This male was caught 15km from Byske. With 70cm and 6kg a beautiful salmon. He will certainly swim 60km up the river to spawn there.

Tide lines
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This typical english fly fisherman caught 30 km upstream this wonderful salmon. Before this salmon was caught one of our guests was flushed. The salmon swam off the waterfall and then we had to cut the line.

Very tide lines
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My fishing buddy has caught a beautiful female salmon in one of my favorite pools. This pool is located 60 km 'up stream'. Early in the morning on the third throw the line extended and the reel has to do his job.

Spey casting is necessary in the Byske.
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Enjoy our hot tub and sauna. your accommodation is situated along the best pool of the Byske
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In the background our accommodation. In the front 2 males.
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Our lodge has 5 beds, sauna and hot tub. There is a living room and a dining room. The lodge is situated at one of the best pools of the Byske. It is possible to fish every moment of the day. Ofcourse our guides will take you to other pools as well.
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In the evening you can enjoy the salmon in the Byske.
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Book the best fly fishing holidays in Sweden. We take care of the entire trip. You only need to fish.
It should be a memorable holiday for you. We take you to places where civilization ends.
We offer three tours: Salmon fishing in the Byske, catch big trout on the Swedish tundra and
our helicopter fly fish tour. Let yourself off in the Swedish mountains and enjoy the tranquility in our base camp.