Book trout and grayling fishing in the Swedish mountains. We organize this trip in July and August. You fly easily from Amsterdam to Stockholm and from Stockholm every day there are several flights to Skelleftea. We pick you up from the airport. We take you to the Swedish tundra and mountains. When the road ends, we go by boat and helicopter on to the reserve and camp of the Sami. In this camp we stay in simple cabins with kitchen and sleeping facilities. We do wash in the lake. From this camp we will make three trips with an English speaking guide. First we go fishing on a lake and then down stream in beautiful rivers and waterfalls. We'll catch trout and grayling from around 2-3 kg.

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The reindeer farmer Jan will fly us with his helicopter 50 km away into the mountains. We spend 3 days here. We stay in simple cabins and have to take provisions for three days with us. 3 days fishing in unspoiled nature. You are 100km above the Arctic Circle. This reserve of the Sami is rarely visited by people. So we are completely on our own.

No stress no hurry
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Among us are the lakes and rivers where we go fishing. From the helicopter, we see reindeer. Here there are almost no people and this area is only ice free in July and August. The area has been owned by Sami families for centuries.
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A beautiful trout of 2 kg. This is the average size. In addition, there are wonderful grayling and char in this area. These fish have never seen people. The provision of a natural looking fly is essential.
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A beautiful trout of 2 kg.
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From the camp we walk a journey of 5 kilometers on unpaved paths. Besides waterfalls, rapids and shallows we also fish from rocks. We see trout among us.
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Paul fishes a waterfall here. The pools are full of small trout. At the end of the waterfall, we expect a large trout.
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All our trips are catch and release. Sometimes the Sami prepare a fish on a hot stone for lunch. We can not refuse.
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Book the best fly fishing holidays in Sweden. We take care of the entire trip. You only need to fish.
It should be a memorable holiday for you. We take you to places where civilization ends.
We offer three tours: Salmon fishing in the Byske, catch big trout on the Swedish tundra and
our helicopter fly fish tour. Let yourself off in the Swedish mountains and enjoy the tranquility in our base camp.