Book spectacular trout and char fishing in Sweden. We organize this trip in July and August. You fly easily from Amsterdam to Stockholm and from Stockholm there are flights every day to Skelleftea. We pick you up from the airport. We take you to the Swedish tundra and mountains. When the road ends, we go by boat to the reserve and camp of the Sami. In this camp we stay in neat cabins with shower, kitchen and sleeping facilities. From this camp we will make three trips with a English speaking guide. First we go fishing on a lake and then down stream in a beautiful river. We will catch trout from around 2-3 kg. If we leave camp after 3 days we stop at a beautiful lake where we go fishing on big char. Here we will be able to catch fish of 3-4 kg.

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Beautiful green and blue water. Crystal Clear. Deep pools and shallow rapids. Difficult steep rocky bottoms and fine gravel beds. Everything can be found here and everywhere you expect a bite.

The first day we have to walk far in the reserve. After a 5 km walk along a narrow dirt road, we arrive at the 'tail' of the river. From the lake to the river we find beautiful trout
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On a dry fly Tim catches a char. The fly should look natural because in nature only the most cautious fish survive. Black nymphs and wet flies are also doing well.
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This beautiful trout was caught in a shallow pool between two rapids. Carefully we put him / her back.
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At the beginning of the walk we had seen this trout rotating in the water. We decided to go back later. After 2 hours this wonderful trout grabbed the nymph.

Take into account journeys of 5 km walk on unpaved paths. We are in the sanctuary of the Sami. The local reindeer farmers.
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60cm trout caught in a small mountain lake. After quickly measuring and weighting, we put him/her back.
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In the lakes of Tjärnheden large char's up to 70cm can be caught. Out of belly boats or from the shore you can catch these beautiful fish with dry and wet flies. In these lakes a camp is set up where we have lunch and dinner. The local forester provides an authentic Swedish meal. If you feel like to spend the night in the tipi (tent) and sleep on reindeer skins, you can do so. We take care of a Swedish breakfast with nutrons.
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This male was hunting on females under low-hanging trees. You can clearly see the pine grosbeak. The beautiful red belly of this char is gorgeous.
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Book the best fly fishing holidays in Sweden. We take care of the entire trip. You only need to fish.
It should be a memorable holiday for you. We take you to places where civilization ends.
We offer three tours: Salmon fishing in the Byske, catch big trout on the Swedish tundra and
our helicopter fly fish tour. Let yourself off in the Swedish mountains and enjoy the tranquility in our base camp.